i hope you think of me everyday when i am not there or when you are not here. and i hope you miss me the way i miss you. but i wish for a better thing: for fate let us be together right now


I am glad you made it. I always knew you will.


i just need an assurance that it’s me. just me

and that this is real


i never thought that you would picture yourself waiting for me in the altar

and you actually do


i just realized how busy we’re gonna be for the next few months and i just thought how much i am going to miss you again


it’s been rough for the past few days. for you and for me, not for us. us is a different story. anyways, i’ve been having my own struggles here and i know you are too.


all i want to is to just fall asleep beside you, forget about everything and just wake up to a beautiful day. i miss you.

p.s. i am so proud of you. your graduation’s coming! ;)


Even if you do not think you are good enough for anyone, you are still the best for me.


there are four types of 3 am for us

one is when i am already asleep and i don’t know where you are but still in my sleep, id wish you’re already asleep so soundly in your bed

two is when i cannot sleep and all i have to do is think about you and imagine what it would be like if i have you beside me

three is when we’re both awake, we’re talking on the phone and forcing each other to sleep because it’s already three freaking am but all we want to is have each other by our side

four is when i am already asleep but you can’t sleep yet or you’re just about to and you’d wake me up with a phone call because you just miss me then with both fall asleep with our phones beside our ears

I changed my URL already.