I don’t care about your status in life. What I care about is what’s inside your heart.

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I love the fact that Taylor Swift is running a blog about Taylor Swift. She’s fangirling with us over herself.

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Concerts are such a surreal experience, I mean, you’re singing your favorite songs with a band or singer that means the world to you and you’re literally in the same room as them. I will never stop loving concerts.

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When I’m gone

Think of me and smile because you met me. Be thankful that you once had me and I was always there. Miss me but don’t miss me too much. Think of all the things we went through and how lucky we are that we end up alive. Think of all the good times we shared and the bad times we endured. Think of everything in your life that involves me. All of it, think about them. But I do not want you to be sad. I want you to smile, be happy inside, and realize that I was just a chapter in your life, not the whole story. Remember what you have learned from me and all the things you discovered about life when I was in your life. Think of me as you move on because when you do, you will appreciate all the good things you have because I used to be a good thing in your life. Now that I am gone, you will cherish all of them because you now know the possibility of losing things no matter how you hold on. So think of me while you move on but don’t be sad. It will kill me for the second time around.

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you’ll be more than okay someday

I can’t wait for the time when all you have to write is how you feel happy most of days in a week, or how you make someone smile on that random moment. I can’t wait for your struggle to find the perfect words on how to describe the feeling of finally reaching your dreams after all these years of worrying. I can’t wait to see the photographs of you in foreign places you craved to visit this time and the people you will meet who will change your life. I can’t wait for you to finally say, “I made it!”

This sad phase full of rejection, doubts and worries is temporary. Remember that. Holding on and striving hard to keep going will get you there. You’ll just have to have faith in yourself because every pain, sleepless nights and frustrations will be worth it. Someday, you will be proud of yourself and you will back to this day and just smile because you did make it!

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Problem: Sin

Sin is what keeps us away from God and His holiness.The sins we make everyday since we were born are what cause us to have a gap with God. Don’t you know that the consequence of sin is death? Death as in you’d stay and rot in hell forever. Here’s another fact: you’re a sinful human being no matter how many good deeds you’ve done for yourself and others.

Solution: God’s sacrifice

God sent Jesus Christ to die for us in the cross because the consequence of sin is death. So Jesus Christ died for YOU. Why? God loves you. Simple as that but God’s love is better than life. Our minds couldn’t even comprehend or measure the amount of love God has for us.

Result: Salvation

Jesus Christ died for our sins and God is just and must punish sin but since God loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to go to hell, He sent Jesus Christ to save us. In Him, we experience forgiveness for our sins and eternal life.

Response: Receive God’s gift by Faith

This salvation is result of God’s grace for us. It’s because of what Jesus Christ did in the cross for us. We have to understand that we can’t save ourselves. It wasn’t because for who we are, it’s because of what He’s done. It’s not because of what we’ve done, it’s because of who God is. We are saved by Gods grace when we realize our need for our savior, turn from sin and receive Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and having trust in Him alone for salvation.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have an eternal life. John 3:16

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little tips for a happier life

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" I wish you a nice life, maybe not the fabulous one. I want you to be happy with simple things that you are able to sleep early ever night but you will also have those nights when staying up late will the best thing you will ever do. I want you to have nice friends who won’t bring you down but they will annoy you with love and that they can take care of you when you’re sick. I want you have a nice relationship with your family that they don’t have to force you to visit them after 20 years when you’re finally on your own in the city. I want you to make dreams for yourself and you’ll go for it even if things might get scarier in time. I want you to appreciate all the little things in life and also the big ones. I want you to be thankful for everything you have and you do not have. I wish that someone when you’re finally 80, you can no longer look back at your younger self but you know deep inside of you even if you’re already stuck in bed that wow, you had a great life and you were nice to people because life is all about that. I wish you the best even if I’m not there anymore. "
— dear old friends
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